As you would have know that Marina One Residences is a joint project by the Singapore and Malaysia government, it is also one of the most luxurious development in Singapore to date. Other than that, what other amazing facts should you know?


We are not here to bore you with the size, the facilities, and other data of this property development. We are here to share some amazing facts with you!

1. The Marina One Residences project, managed by M+S, is developed following the historic land swop between the Singapore and Government officials involving the KTM Railway land.


2. This project has to be built within 5 years, and sold within 2 years.

3. This project is located in the prime districts of Singapore – District 9,10,11. These districts command one of the highest property prices in Singapore (and probably the world too).


4. The Marina One project is built on Marina Bay, which is a land reclamation project started by the government in the 1960s. This also means, the land doesn’t exist until 1960s!

5. Marina South is expected to welcome 9000 home owners in the next few years, with Marina One development being one of the top few favorite projects among many home buyers.


Aren’t these facts that your sales agent didn’t tell you when you enquire about the project?

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